Desi Cousin Fucked Hard – Hot Cousin Strip Infront Of Me

Desi Cousins Fucked Hard – Hot Cousin Strip Infront Of Me

Desi Cousin Fucked Hard

Hindi Sex Story Hi all, thank you for all your valuable feedback on my previous stories. I’m gratified knowing that you all enjoyed it even more so for taking your time and sending appreciation emails. Before we start, let me remind everyone that this story is a real-life experience of one of my old readers. I am writing it down for her. Let’s continue: Desi Cousin Fucked Hard

“Who is it?” I asked with a hint of annoyance. I was getting it good from my husband and, being disturbed like this would get any girl annoyed. “It’s your little cousin, Rashid,” he said, handing the phone to me. “It’s okay. I’ll get back to Ani (Rashid) later. Fuck me first.”

I said as I moved my hip back, signalling him to start pounding. “It sounds important. Talk,” Prabhu said. “Are you serious?” Now I’m annoyed at both Ani and Prabhu. I tried to turn around and sit before I answer the call. But, to my surprise, Prabhu didn’t let me turn around and instead said, “I asked you to talk, not to turn around.”

I understood right away. Prabhu wanted to fuck me while I’m talking on the phone. Although we both teased each other while on a call with others, we never had sex while on a call. Before I said anything, Prabhu answered the call and threw the phone near me.

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Without any choice, I picked up the phone while I’m still in the doggy position and my husband inside me. It was difficult for me to hold the phone in that position and, Prabhu didn’t slow down pounding on me. I also couldn’t turn the speaker on for obvious reasons.

Finally, I just used my elbows as support and brought the phone near my ear. “Hey Anu,” said Rashid “Hey…uh…Ani,” I said as I held myself back from moaning. “How are you? is everything alright? Why does your voice sound weird?” asked Ani in a puzzled tone. “It’s nothing.

I’m just moving some stuff out so, I’m a little out of breath,” I said as I cursed Prabhu in my heart for putting me in this situation. “Is that so? Should I call you later then?” said Ani. I wanted to say yes.

But I knew that Prabhu gave me the phone to talk to Ani so that he could fuck me while I was on the phone with him. It felt weird, to be honest. But my thoughts were a mess at that moment. I couldn’t think straight. One side Prabhu was going at it non-stop.

On the other side, I have to make sure not to give hits to Ani that I’m getting ravaged by his brother-in-law. I finally decided to go with the flow and said, “No, that’s okay. What’s up, Ani?” “Well, lockdown is almost done. My dad and mom are planning to visit Bangalore for a family friend’s wedding.

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They asked me to ask you if you guys are okay if we stayed over at your place for a night,” said Ani as he explained without any smaller talk. I felt relieved that Ani didn’t talk any other non-sense and got straight to the point.

By this point, Prabhu slowed down with his ruthless pounding and was taking it slow. I finally got some breather. “You all are welcome to stay as long as you can. We will have a guest room prepared. Just let us know when you will be coming home,” I said. I realized that Prabhu just stood there looking at me with his dick inside me.

He stopped fucking me, just stood there caressing his hands on my ass. I didn’t know why but I felt a little odd with the sudden halt of his thrusting. Involuntarily I moved my ass back, taking his dick deeper inside me. It felt good. I started going to and fro with my hips, fucking him.

I didn’t stop fucking him in the same position while Ani, still on the phone, said, “We will be coming to Bangalore the day after tomorrow. We are planning to go directly to the function and return to your place after.” I was so engrossed in the act that I barely heard it.

My reply was simple, “uh-huh. I got it.” Before Ani could say anything, I felt my husband place his hands on both sides of my hips, putting a stop to my moving hips. Without any word, he gave a deep thrust. I felt him go deep inside me that he has never gone before. It came as a total surprise for me.

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I couldn’t help myself gasp and moan louder as the phone in my hand fell on the bed. Prabhu didn’t stop there. He didn’t even let me say a word before he moved to hold my hair, pulled it back, and gave another deep thrust. This time I moaned even louder than before.

My brain completely stopped working at that moment. Because I felt my husband’s dick throbbing deep inside me, Cumming. It felt so good having him cum inside me, and the feeling of his throbbing dick is a whole another level.

There was complete silence for almost a minute. No one made any sound. It was only after few seconds I came to my senses after Prabhu took his dick out and heard Ani on the phone calling out. Immediately I picked up the phone and heard Ani say, “Anu, what was that sound? What happened?”

There was no way I could tell him that his brother-in-law was fucking me and even came inside me while I’m on the phone with him. I could only lie. “Hey, Ani, sorry. Prabhu dropped a fragile glass set on the floor. I screamed after seeing it.

Now I have more ‘cleaning’ up to do because of him. Don’t worry. You guys can come. I’ll prepare the guest room for you guys. I have some work to do so, I’ll call you later?” I said. I cut the call before Ani even replied. I felt very embarrassed because of what happened. “Desi Cousin Fucked Hard”

I still can’t believe Prabhu did that. I even suspect he intentionally did that. Then I suddenly realized how stupid of an excuse I gave to Rashid. He probably guessed what happened. After all, he isn’t a kid anymore. That realization made me feel even more embarrassed and irritated.

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“Prabhu, what the fuck is wrong with you?” I snapped at my husband. After I cut the call, I turned around from the doggy position. I sat at the edge of the bed. My pussy, still dripping with Prabhu’s cum. I was annoyed because of the embarrassment that I failed to realize.

I saw my husband’s evil grin and his eyes darting around my body, especially around my lower area. Only then did I feel his cum all over my pussy and thighs. I couldn’t help but move my hand over my pussy and start rubbing it. It felt weirdly arousing.

While I was touching myself with Prabhu’s cum inside me. I suddenly heard Prabhu say, “I want you to tell me what exactly happened between you and Rashid. I want you to tell me in detail.” I was shocked. I confessed to Prabhu about Ani and me a few years ago.

My husband never asked anything about this all these years. Now, him suddenly asking about it, and that too, in detail, made me feel a little weird. I stopped touching myself even though I’m still horny from all the stimulation.

I looked at my husband straight into his eyes as I asked, “Do you really want to know?” Prabhu likewise nodded his head and said, “Yes. I do. But, you can be rest assured that nothing will change even after that and, I will not judge you. My love for you won’t change either. “Desi Cousin Fucked Hard”

I want to know.” After his reassurance, I felt that maybe it’s not a bad thing to share with my husband. After all, I’ve been keeping that secret deep in my heart for years. Maybe, it’s time to share this with another soul, and who could be better than the person I married.

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I took a deep breath, nodded to him, and said, “Alright. I will tell you. But first, let me clean myself up.” “That’s alright. You don’t need to. I’m sure what you are about to say would be very interesting. Who knows, leaving my cum inside you like that would add an extra kick to you,” Prabhu said with an odd smirk.

What he said took me by surprise. I was taken aback for a second, eyes widened. I didn’t know what twisted and kinky tunnel Prabhu crawled out of today. He felt different than usual. On the second thought, I liked touching myself with his load still inside me.

It made me feel slutty and arousing. So, I decided to indulge him in his kinky request. To be continued. Thank you guys for taking your time and reading about adding kink to Anusha’s sex life. Please send me feedback to [email protected] Your suggestions and appreciation emails will encourage me to improve and write better.

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