Desi Cuckold Aunty – Bathroom Me Nahate Hue Meri Video

Desi Cuckold Aunty – Bathroom Me Nahate Hue Meri Video

Desi Cuckold Aunty

Hindi Sex Story Hi, I’m Shobha. Mommy of 2 children, Pradeep 18 and Preeti 15. I’m a housewife and my husband (Raj) is a software engineer for a reputed company. I’m 33 years old and a little chubby, but in right places. I have 36DD breast and a comparatively slimmer waist and a plum ass. Desi Cuckold Aunty

I’m a fair Brahmin woman, with long black hair and brown eyes. I do not put a lot of makeup but still look really good for my age. My 5’8″ height does make me a high class, desirable commodity in our society. Well, it’s Sunday and kids were getting ready to go out to play with society kids.

So kids couldn’t wait and showed up to our house to pick up my kids. I was getting ready to shower, so was in the bedroom, when my kids yelled “Bye mommy” and I heard the front door slam. I smiled to see them happy and start to tie my hair in a knot getting ready to undress for shower.

I placed my dress of the day on the bed and started to get naked. I placed all my clothes, my bra and panty in the laundry basket next to the bathroom door. I didn’t shut my bathroom door as it was Sunday and my husband usually returns from his morning run and likes to join me in the shower for a nice little poking.

I was getting ready for the session as I was touching my boobs and rubbing my clit in the shower. My eyes were closed and lips biting. I was getting close to make myself cum. Suddenly I hear the laundry basket hit the bathroom door. “Raj? Is it you??”

I asked thinking that my husband was back. I closed the shower valve to hear clearly. But no reply. But I heard some footsteps running away from the bathroom. I grabbed the towel and run out of the bathroom. Still dripping water, I ran a little further to the bedroom door to peek outside to see in the hall.

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I saw Abdul 18, a society friend of Pradeep, running out of the main door. I was in shock. What just happened? Did he see me shower? Why was he here? Oh my god… Did he record me taking a getting off?? I had to know. So I got ready and sprinted to Abdul’s house. I ran the doorbell no response. I ran again. Abdul’s father came and greeted. “Aslam bhabhi jaan”

“Walikum Aslam, Kadarbhai ”

“Bhaijaan, Abdul hai kya ghar pe?”

“Haan, abhi aaya hai ghar doodte hue… Kyun kuch garbad kar diya kya shahjade ne?”

“Aree.. nahi.. matlab… kuch puchna tha… ”

“Andar aaeye… sath mai puchte hai” “Abdul, niche aago.. Shobha aunty aaye hai ”

Abdul came running downstairs, but didn’t look at me at all. I now knew for sure, he was the one.

“Abdul, abhi to maere ghar aaye the na? (Abdul, you were at my house a few moments ago, right?” “Nahi to (No I didn’t)” “Jhoot mat bolo.. maine dekha tha tumhe bhagte hue mere kamre se.”

“Kya?? Ek min… Ek min… Abdul, kya tum aunty ke ghar gaye the?? Aur tum unke kamre mai kya kar rahe the??”

“Abbu… wo…”

“Mujhe lagta hai usne mere recording nikale hai… aap please usko phone mujhe de.. mai check kar lete hu…” (I think he has recorded me.. can you please give me his phone.. I wanna check it once.”

“Kya?? Recording? Ye kaise aarop laga rahi hai aap hamare ladke pe?”

“Abdul, phone do mujhe… hum bhi dekhe baat ka batangad kyun ban raha hai.

Kadar took the phone and checked his son’s phone. He looked at the phone, then he looked at his son, who now knew, he was in trouble, then he looked at me. I was also looking down in shame as I knew he was seeing my beautiful, plum, naked white body on his son’s phone. My god, what if it was the part where I was getting off rubbing my cunt? I closed my eyes in shame.

“Tumhe sharam nahi aati… aise harkat karte hue.. Kadar Bhai slammed Abdul across his face.

I wanted to leap forward to stop, but held back as it was not my business to teach how to disciple his son. After all he did something wrong. “Chalo jao apne kamre mai.. aur tab tak bahar nahi nikalna jab tak mai na bolu. Abdul ran to his room in tears.

“Thank you KadarBhai” I moved forward to take the phone to delete it. But he pulled his hands away. “Ek min bhabhi jaan, aapko pata hai.. aaj tak humne Abdul pe haath nahi uthana… par aaj apke wajah se uspe haath uthana pada” They he started to use his son’s phone.

I was not able to see properly but I think he was sending the video to his phone before deleting from his son’s phone. He threw his son’s phone on the couch. “Jawan ladka hai… Aur aap haseen… Ho jati hai ladko se aise galti.. ab aapko bhi to aapna khayal rakhna tha na.. Itna gadraya badan hai aapka.. bina darwaja lagaye… nagi hue he kyu?”(He is a young kid, and you are so hot, so mistakes happen. after all you too should have taken more care, should have locked the door as you such a fuckable body”

“Yeh aap kaise baate kar rahe hai bhai jaan”

“Aree bhabhi jaan maine dekha.. aapke undar ki garmi kaise shower ke paani mai bhi shant nahi ho rahi thi…” He was walking close to me. “Kaise aapke haat apke chut ko fadfada rahe the… Kasam se.. ek baar wo scene mere saame dohra dijeye… maza aa jayega”

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“Kadar bhai ye ky abol rahe hai? aapke begam kya sochegi?”

“Shamma apne maike gai hai.. 3 din se chut nahi mile mujhe bhi.. aur khuda me mere liye aapko bheja hai.. kasam se patak ke chodne ka maan kar raha hai aapko”

“Kadar bhai mere pass mat aayega” I started to walk towards the door.

“Pass to tu aayegi.. rand…warna teri video pure mohale mai aur school mai baat dunga”

“Nahi kadar bhi aaisa mat karna… kahi muh dekhne layak nahi rahungi..”

I ran towards him with closed hands.

“Yeh baat… aaj to teri aise gaand maarunga ke do din thek se baith nahi payegi.. bohut sanskari high class banti thi na…”

He held me by my hair and pushed me to couch. Then we closed the front door and came back to me. He held one end of my saree and started to pull. I stood up to accommodate that. I stood there with my hands crossed over my blouse. “Chal haath hata.. hum bhi to dekhe.. choli ke peche kya hai”

He pulled my hands apart. And with a quick pull ripped my blouse open. Then he removed my peticoat as well. Now i was standing there in just my underwear. “Wah kya to lag rahi ho.. apne matching bra aur chaddi mai.. ”

Then he undid my bra and pulled my panties too. I stood there with my one hand across my boobs and one covering my clean shaved pink pussy. “Hath upar kar chinal” He shouted. I got scared and raised my hands. He came close and started sniffing my armpit. “Wah kya khushboo hai..”

Then he went down and kissed my naval and licked it. Then he went further down and smelled my pussy in a huge sniff. “ummmm.. kya to taza maal hai” Then he started to lick it.. I was getting wet.. “Bhabhi jaan aapka to abhi se pani nikalne laga hai”

I was embarrassed and blushing at the same time. I turned my head to the side. Then he stood up and pushed me to my knees. “Aapki chut ki khusboo and pani ke swad me mera lund khada ho gaya hai.. Chaliye.. shuru ho jayeye..” He undid his pants and there it was.

Well, it was huge for starters. It was like 9 inches.. My husband was like 4.5 inches. And he was the only one I had sex with so yeah.. this guy was packing. And thick too. I opened my mouth and licked his big black dick. He held my hair and rubbed my face agaist his pubes.

His dick and balls swelled so good. Then he put his dick in my mouth with one hand and with another shoved my head in. Oh my god it was too big for my mouth. He didn’t even warn me and started deep throating me. I was gasping for air, but he didn’t stop. He kept fucking my face.

He holds my hair so tight, and didn’t let go of it. I was just slurring his dick in and out of my mouth. He kept going for like 15mins. Then he pushed me to the couch and turned me around. My knees still on the floor and my stomach on the couch. He slapped my but, and spread my ass cheeks.

Then with a huge thrust he shove his whole 9 inch dick inside my wet pink pussy. A huge cry came out of me. “aaaaggghhhh…” It was so loud that his son came out of the room. But Kadar didn’t stop, he was in the zone and was pounding my pussy like a dog on heat.

He was pulling my hair back, making me arch my back and tits up, flopping front and back with every thrust. Abdul just stood there infront of me with out saying a thing. Kadar did say once for him to go inside. But he didn’t, then Kadar also let it go and allowed the teenage boy to enjoy himself as his dad fucked the shit out of a thick MILF. “Desi Cuckold Aunty”

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He was hurting me knowingly as he knew I was starting to enjoy his dick inside me so he was slapping my face and groping my boobs very hard. Then I saw, Abdul standing there with his dick in his hands and stroking it. Oh my god. what was going on. A teen boy jerking off to me getting fucked like a a street whore.

“Abdul, tujhe bhi cahiye kya ye kutiya?” Kadar asked.

“Jee abbu.”

“Idhar aa aaj tujhe sikhta hu, kaise ma choodte hai”

“Nahi.. usko nahi” I said.

“Chup kar kutiya” He slapped my butt really hard.

Then he turned me around and I was laying on the couch on my back and he lifted my legs on his shoulders. He called Abdul. “Chalo apna lund anuty ke muh mai do.. aunty chuss chuss ke usko bada karege” Abdul threw away his pants and ran to my mouth near the couch.

“Nahi Kadar Bhai, Abdul nahi.”

“Chup chap lund chus ladke ka nahi to abi nanga dauda dunga mohale mai bina chaadi ke.”

I turned to the side and held the teenage dick in my hands. I looked at him, he was smiling for the achievement he has accomplished today, getting sucked my a hot aunty like me. To be frank he was not bad, he was almost 6 inches at 18yrs. Not bad. It was thin but big. “Desi Cuckold Aunty”

I started sucking the young boys dick. While he was groping my huge breast. Meanwhile Kadar was ramming his dick inside my pussy, ravishing it completely. (Which BTW I was loving by now) I didn’t even suck for like a min and this boy came in my mouth without warning.

“Pee le.. pura pee le randi.. Mere bete ka prasad samjh ke pe le” Kadar said with a huge laugh as me made me drink his son’s cum. “Aree beta nikal gaya? Koi nahi anuty ke mumme se khelo phir thodi der mai khada ho jayega, phir sath mai aunty ke gaand marenge.” He laughed again.

Kadar kept fucking fucking my pussy. Soon Abdul had a hard on again. “Abbu, khada ho gaya… Ab mujhe chodne do na aunty ko.” “Thek hai aaja beta… Yaha aaja.” I couldn’t say a thing, I knew Kadar was incharge now. He kept my one leg on the headrest of couch and another spread afar.

Then let his son come between my legs. Then he asked him fuck my pussy by laying on top of me. Abdul just had cum, but was still very enthusiastic. He shoved his thin dick inside me and laid on top of me sucking my boobs. He thrusted his body against my nude fair body. “Desi Cuckold Aunty”

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I just closed my eyes and enjoyed a teenage boys’ enthusiasm fucking a middle aged women. But it didn’t last again, he came inside me in just a min. “ha ha ha.. aree beta bus, aunty ki chikne chut mai phisal gaye and jhad gaya thumhara itni jaldi… Chalo hato abhi mai chodta hu.. aunty ko aur cahiye.. unki sharir ki aag abhi shant nahi hue hai…”

Kadar turned me around again. This time made me go all fours on the couch with folded knees and arms. Then he came behind me. Abdul watching closely what his dad is doing. Then Kadar spit on his dick and on my asshole. Uh-oh.. he was aiming for a diffirent hole it seems.

“Nahi kadarbhai, gaand nahi.. aaj tak Raj ne kabhi meri gaand nahi mari” “Nahi mari to uski kismat.. hum to marenge.. And maregnge kya aaj to aapki gaand phad denge…” The he started to enter my asshole. It was tight. I was virgin there. He kept pushing. It was hard to take it. “Desi Cuckold Aunty”

Then with a strong shove it was all in. “Aaaagghhhh.. Dard ho raha hai..” “Sahi hai.. hona bhi cahiye.. mere beto ko marna bada..” He then held my waist tight and started to fuck my asshole hard.. Like really hard. He was angry and taking it out on my asshole. I was in pain. But not completely bad type.

I was also having an orgasm within that pain. Abdul laid on his back under me and was suckling on my boobs. Biting my nipples. He was rough like his dad. Kadar kept spiting on his dick and fucking my asshole for like 10 more mins and by now Abdul was fucking my mouth.

While I was getting fucked from both ends, I had a beautiful orgasm, which Kadar recognised and thrusted harder and he too came inside me. Watching he dad release his seed inside me, Adbul also came inside my mouth again. Before Kadar could shout, I knew what to do and I swallowed every drop of that brats cum. “Desi Cuckold Aunty”

All sat down exhausted. It was a rough morning. I started to gather my clothes. “Dekha beta aise chodte he sanskari ma ko.” “Kadar bhai ab to delete kar do wo video. Maine aapka har kaha mana” “Haan haan.. Dekho tumhare samne delete kar deta hu.” He took out his phone and deleted the video.

I was at relief. Atleast all this humilaition didn’t go to waste. I quickly got dressed as both of them watched me put my panties back on. Then I ran back home. I was a mess, But my house was no that far. I hope no one saw me. I reached home. Raj was not there and Kids were still out playing.

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I checked my phone to see if Raj had come home. I saw he mentioned that he is going out to buy some stuff from shop. Ok that was a relief. I could take a bath and forget this ever happened. As I was going to place the phone on the bed, to go take a shower, my phone beeped. It was a whatsApp msg.

It was from Kadar. I opened it. I was shocked to the core, when I saw the video. It was Abdul fucking me on the couch with my legs spread wide open and my boobs jiggling. Kadar had made a video from behind my head, of his son fucking the best pussy in the society. Another msg came in. “Kal subhah 10 baje aa jana” I knew I was now a Randi (whore). Part 2 is on it’s way..  “Desi Cuckold Aunty”

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