Desi Lady Widest Fantasy – Padma Aunty Seduced Me 1

Desi Lady Widest Fantasy – Padma Aunty Seduced Me 1

Desi Lady Widest Fantasy

Hindi Sex Story Hi friends. I am penning down my memories after a very long time, hope you like this story too as my earlier stories. Now I am 45-year-old man presently living in Bangalore and this particular incident happened in Mysore when I had been to dad’s sister, Padma aunty’s place during summer vacations when I was studying my Engineering and was about 19 years old. Desi Lady Widest Fantasy

Since I was just 19 and sex was on my mind always, the only way to get some relief was to masturbate at least twice a day. My aunt’s husband was on a work trip to the US. Aunt and I were alone in the house. My aunt Padma was around 30 and still childless.

And my God she was a sex bomb and hot sex siren for a horny teenager like me in those days. She had a C cup boobs and a big ass of 38. Her figure at that time was 34C-28-38. Once she was swiping the living room floor and I was on the sofa watching the TV.

I noticed her saree pallu had slid off her right boob and her deep cleavage was on full display for me. As my aunt was bending and scrubbing the floor, her gorgeous boobs were swaying left and right and I got an instant hard-on.

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I peeped on her boobs for a while and as soon as she left to clean the other room, I went into the bathroom and jerked off myself. I was visualizing her breasts when I was jerking and I shot my cum load into the wash basin. I thought if it was possible to see her taking a bath nude.

I had already checked out if it was possible to look through the bathroom ventilator. The trouble was she always took her bath in the afternoon when it was still daylight and that was too risky to stand outside and peep through the bathroom ventilator.

Then one day we both had been to the market in the evening and came back late at 7 pm. She told me that she was really tired and soaked in sweat because of the crowded bus. She was going to take a bath and prepare dinner later.

It was just what I’ve been waiting for all these days. I heard the water running in her bathroom and waited about five minutes. My cock was already hard as I was thinking that I might get to see her naked in the shower today. I went outside and made my way to the bathroom ventilator.

My excitement grew and my cock was struggling in my shorts. I peeped through the ventilator and saw her nude under the shower. Wow, look at those nice boobs and yes she had trimmed her pussy hairs. I pulled out my rock-hard cock from the shorts and I began to masturbate peeping on my sexy Padma aunty.

I saw her moving her one hand onto her pussy and she began to slowly rub it. Her hand moving gently up and down on her slit. My God! My Aunt was masturbating. I don’t think my cock has ever been as hard as this.

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She began to stroke her boobs with her other hand and was feeling her hard nipples. With her other hand, she was rubbing herself near the top of her clit with two fingers. I couldn’t hold back any longer and let my cum shoot out on the ground.

I didn’t want to stop watching her and watched my Aunt masturbating. I still had my cock in my hand but not as hard as a few minutes ago, but was still stiff. I once again began to stroke it and felt it getting hard again. Fuck, this was more then I had ever imagined in my wildest fantasies.

She had her head back and her eyes were closed, as she kept rubbing her pussy. I saw her leaning backward and she was rubbing her clit a lot faster now. Her mouth was open. Her ass was bucking as she made herself cum and I shot another load of cum onto the ground.

That view was enough to keep me jerking for the next few days. I just couldn’t get the picture of my naked Padma Aunty out of my mind and my cock went hard every time I thought of it. I wanted to peep on my sexy aunt again, but she kept having her bath in the afternoons only.

I was getting very frustrated and then one afternoon I decided to peep into the bathroom as I knew there are no neighbors who can see me looking through the bathroom window. Padma aunty was already in the bathroom for over 10 minutes and the thought of her lying there playing with herself just urged me on to have a look.

My cock throbbing in my shorts as I watched her and she was rubbing her pussy like before. I removed my stiff cock out of my shorts and began jerking myself. I noticed that every so often she would look up towards the ventilator and I dead was sure she smiled.

Surely she couldn’t see me. I jerked hard and released my cum in my hands and came back to the living room as soon as I saw her putting the towel around her nude body. By the time she came back into the room, I was watching TV.

Padma aunty was wearing a nighty now and in my mind, I saw her as if she was naked. My eyes wandered from her pussy region and to her breasts. Wow, she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her nighty. Her nipples were hard and were poking through the thin material of her nighty.

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I looked at them shamelessly and felt my cock stirring again in my shorts. I looked away and I was blushing. “Are you alright Rajesh?” She asked giving me a smile. “Yes Aunty, why are you asking?” “I see you are very uncomfortable.”

She then sat down on the sofa opposite me and I was looking at her nipples shamelessly now. She again caught me out a few times and always just gave me a smile and each time I would blush even more. Why were her nipples still so hard? I had never noticed that on her before.

Padma Aunty was sitting cross-legged on the sofa opposite me watching TV. Her nighty bottom was at her knees level revealing her legs. From where I was sitting, I could see a long way up her nighty and I didn’t think she had any panties on.

I kept on looking up her nighty. Just then she moved her legs a little more apart and with the light filtering through her nighty, I could see that she really wasn’t wearing any panties and I was looking straight at her pussy. My cock jumped in my shorts and it had made a tent.

I made a couple of feeble attempts to correct my erect cock inside my shorts, but it was of no use. It was too late now anyway. She looked over and said, “Looks like you’re very uncomfortable today, is everything ok?” I saw her looking at my crotch region which had made a tent, as she was speaking to me.

Naturally, I was blushing and she was still looking at my cock. “I think you got this watching me bathing like a thief, don’t be embarrassed, I know boys of your age get easily distracted seeing a naked woman, isn’t it Rajesh?” “Ohh no. Aunty, it is just that……” I knew I was caught red-handed by my aunt and fumbled for words.

So she had seen me peeping on her through the bathroom ventilator? As this was going through my mind, my cock was at its peak. “Noo, no aunty, it was nothing.” “Well well….over nothing your tool got aroused like that. It must very uncomfortable for you to have it so constrained inside when it’s so hard.”

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She’s been looking at my crotch all this time and that gave me even more reason to feel excited. Just then she leaned back in the sofa and her nighty went up with her. It stopped short just where her pussy began. With her legs now more apart than before and I could see her pussy lips clearly.

They were glistening in the light filtering through her nighty. I tried once more to shift my stiff cock to one side, but it was way too stiff and it felt that I would break it by trying too hard. She saw me trying to move my cock around in my shorts. “Desi Lady Widest Fantasy”

Still, in her reclined position, she said “You want me to help you with that erection you have got because of me, Rajesh. Come over to your aunty, let me take care of it.” I couldn’t believe what she said just now and I could see her reached down and lifted her nighty up even higher.

I now had her wet looking pussy in my full view. My own dad’s younger sister was teasing me, revealing her pussy to me and my balls were starting to hurt from all this teasing. I badly wanted to touch that wet pussy, feel that wetness on my fingers, I wish I could go to my room and jerk off.

I could have given anything to relieve the pain in my cock and balls. If I went to my room, she’d know that I would be jerking myself. “My, my. Don’t you want your Aunty to see? Come over here boy and let me see how big you are?” I got up like a zombie and as I walked towards her my cock was sticking straight out from my shorts.

My eyes were fixed on her glistening pussy and her big breasts which were inviting me to suck them. A hundred thoughts went through my head in that short walk. I was crossing the line that no close relative should ever cross.

I don’t remember taking that last step towards her, nor her slipping my shorts down exposing my raging cock. I had my eyes closed and felt a hand being placed on my cock as I stood naked in front of my Padma aunty.

She let her hand slide lightly along the full length of my throbbing cock and back again. “I had seen your tool when you were very little and you have grown since the last time I saw you naked. You are already bigger than your uncle. I am impressed boy. You’re going to make your future wife very happy with this one day.” “Desi Lady Widest Fantasy”

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She started to stroke my erect and rigid cock in her soft hands. I was in heaven as she did that because it was the first time another person’s hands was jerking my cock apart from mine. “Look at me Rajesh.”

I opened my eyes and looked at her sheepishly and embarrassed and she asked me, “I have never tasted a man’s tool before as your Uncle didn’t like sucking his small thing you know. Can I suck your thing and taste a young man’s tool, Rajesh.?” Damn.Damn…My aunt was asking my permission to suck my cock and I couldn’t believe my ears. “Desi Lady Widest Fantasy”

I looked at her eyes and saw a hunger and desperation and I simply nodded in a big yes. I saw Padma aunty still holding my cock in her right hand came forward closer to my cock with her mouth open. I couldn’t believe this was happening. If you want the second part mail me on.

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