Dost ki madad

Hi, this is Manoj, aged 32 & my wife is Mita aged 28 and this is the
story of my neighbor Mr. Vikas. One day I meet him in the garden and as
we were talking I asked him about his wife who was pregnant and he told
she has gone to her mom’s home for delivery for past 3 month’s and I
asked then how do you have sex and he told it has been 3 month’s not
having sex as he don’t go anywhere because of the diseases.

I came home and was thinking of him as my wife Mita asked me and I told
about Vikas and I told her I want to see her with him and she was ready.
Vikas is a tall man around 30, little slim but with a good presence and
a nice gentle man. Mita is a sexy lady of 28 in age with a nice figure
of 36d-28-38 and a sexy nice saggy boobs and a bumping round ass with a
sexy smile which makes all the men ready to fuck her.

She wear saree below navel and with the sleeveless blouse open from
behind with just 2 ropes and her full back is seen in that and her silky
net saree in which her boobs and ass looks damn sexy and her full
figure is seen completely and all men have a good look wherever we go at

 So the next day I again met him and I told him I arranged a party to
him and a nice lady is there listening this he was very eager and told
he will be coming so I called him at night at my home and he asked if
Mita comes I told she has gone out and at night the door bell rang and
Vikas was present I made him sit in the hall and opened the beer and I
put off all the light just one bulb was there and as we were drinking he
asked me where is the lady and I told him to wait.

After having 4 beers we were now little tight I signaled in the bed room
and a lady came wearing a saree shirt and deep cut sleeveless blouse.
Her face was covered with a hanky and as she came to the hall I played
the music and she began stripping in front of us at first she removed
her saree and threw it on Vikas and he started smelling it and then she
removed her blouse and petticoat and now she was in her bra and she was
now stripping close to Vikas and he was now touching her body and boobs ,
now she was in just bra and panty and he started kissing her boobs and
licking her legs now

He wanted to kiss her mouth so he told her to remove the hanky from her
face and as she removed it he was stunned to see that she was Mita who
was stripping in front of him and as he looked at me I told him to enjoy
her and now he started kissing her lips and he took off the bra and
panty and put his finger in the cunt and was licking her boobs I was
seeing all this very interestingly and he now started pressing her boobs
and her big ass and kissing her and it went for around 20 minutes.

Later he stood up and Mita removed his pant and undy and a good giant
cork was out she then pressed it with her hand and started stroking it
Vikas was in full pleasure and he closed his eyes and now Mita put some
honey in his cork and started licking it and she licked it from up to
down then she started kissing it and she started moving his cork skin up
and down

Vikas was telling “ahahahohohohohufufufuahahha” then Mita put her tongue
in the cork’s middle hole and put some milk in it and sucked it and as
she was sucking.

Vikas was now moving and giving a stroke in her mouth and his full cork
was in her mouth and she was too taking it nicely he was making it in
and out

Mita was sucking hard and then she removed it and started moving it with
her hand and now as it was he was going to cum he was telling “come on
fast stroke hard take it in your mouth� and Mita took it inside again
and he was moving his cork in and out and telling “wow what a sexy
sucking this is darling I had not got like this suck before I love you
and your mouth. Come on take my load
“ohohohoahahahieieiioaoaoaoaaooaaoieie I am going to cum suck hard take
it in come on hard, lick it, take it, suck it hafuhahahohfuufufuieiei”
and now

Mita was telling “come on dear give your load in my mouth I want to
drink it I want you�re cum thick cum of 3 months I want to drink it. I
want all in my body come on give it, blast it in my face and in my mouth
give it uccucuuou” and as she was telling Vikas took his cock in his
hand and Mita opened the mouth and a blast of cum came from his cork and
it fully splattered all over her face and in her mouth and she took it
in her mouth and licked all from his cock till the last drop and then
gathered all his cum from her face and applied all over her body and
kissed his cock and Vikas now fell in the bed saying “you are very sexy I
enjoyed my 3 months sex in one day ououoo.

Now as he laid down I started kissing her and I gave my big fatty cock
in her mouth and she was sucking it seeing this Vikas got up and he told
her to sit like a dog and he applied honey in her ass and now gave his
cock in Mita�s hand

And she stroked it till it became tight and now he moved behind and put
his giant cock in her ass as it went she told �wow oh hhahahahha put it
in fully in give me a hard stroke fuck my ass come on fuck hard and
harder Vikas, fuck it fully put it inside “and hearing this he now
started fucking her hard and all his cock was in her ass hole and he was
telling �good ass darling wow what a sweet nice to fuck it good hole it
is very sexy

I love your ass hole and u r taking it very nicely take it ufufufufhhah
come on take it aaaaaaaha and as I was seeing it my cum came out and she
took it in her mouth and seeing this Vikas cum was also to come and he
was now saying “ahahah take my cum it is comings come on Mita move up
take it in your empty dried ass make it wet ahahhahaaha” and Mita was
saying give it make it wet it is dried for months

I had not got like this hard cork in my ass come on ahoaoaoaoa hard fast
hard fuck my ass oaoaoaoieieieieiufuufufum” and now Vikas cum was seen
coming out and it went straight in her ass and it was filled with all
his thick cum and Mita and Vikas cried together umumuaooaoa” and he sat
in the bed and told me your lucky to have such a sexy wife and I told u
can be also lucky come on take her she is all your’s and he told thanks
and gave Mita a nice lips kiss and they fall in the bed.

I wanted to see more so again I started licking her cunt and she was
telling “ahahahoiho” hearing this Vikas stood up and he took her legs up
and put his cock inside her cunt and he was fucking her hard and I too
moved up and I slept under her putting my cork in her wet ass and she
was sandwiched between us and we both were fucking her from front and
back and she was saying “ahahahufaooaahahha come on ahaufuufuohoo

Vikas fill my hairy cunt with your thick cum put it inside my cunt
ahahahhoohohooh fuck me hard Vikas fuck me fast
“and Vikas now shouted “ahahahahofofofohooohoh take it, it is coming
take it oaoaooaoho” and his cum came out together with mine in her cunt
and ass and both her hole’s was filled with our cum and she said
“ahahahoohmuieiieieieouuo and we 3 of them stood up and we went to the
bathroom for wash.

As we were having the bath together we cleaned ourselves Vikas now took
Mita under the shower and he started licking her cunt and she was
sucking my cock I gave my cork in her mouth and then Vikas was licking
her cunt and I was putting my tongue in her ass as it was the 4th time
so our cum was taking time to come but as she was sucking and moving my
cork I came and it was all over her face and Vikas made her to sit down
and as she was stroking his cork his cum too came out and it was all
over her mouth and in the face and in her hairy arm pit and it was the
largest cum came during the all time fuck and Mita again licked it and
nicely washed his cork with her own hand and later we came out and Vikas
left to his house being fully satisfied.

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