Sex from hydrabad

Hi all, I am from Hyderabad slim and with 8 inches and 3 width. I am
fair black hair. My weakness is the boobs of girls I fantasize a lot
about them. The story is about a call center girl. One day while I was
in my office just completed a meeting and was heading for lunch and I
got a call from X bank about home loan initially I said no but as she
was explaining the interest rates and I just gave it a thought as I
actually was planning to buy a Flat to make my IT returns less. Hope you
all know if we have a home loan we have a lot of IT exemption so I said
her to call me back the next day.

Being punctual and getting a deal set she called me right at 11 in the
morning and I told her my criteria and she tried to help me a lot but
for few questions where she did not have answer es she told me that she
will get back after taking to her senior so by this we were frequently
talking and before start of the loan conversation or at the end we said
hi! And bye! We had lunch dinner and all, also in the mean we were
unofficially also talking by exchanging personal numbers.

She spoke very well and she always spoke about chocolates as she loved
them the most days passed finally my loan got approved and it was about 3
weeks awaited for me to get into my new apartment and she called me and
asked for a party for which I happily agreed then the day of the party
arrived we met at a restaurant called Rivera (hyd local guys/girls will
know this it�s now removed it was beside sangeeth theater) I went there
and she was already standing and waiting for me.

Now coming to her details(pals dont get angry I saw her on tht day only
so telling her details now) she is little dark with god blessed sexy
figure Oh! I could not make out but pointing nipples hand grabbing boobs
shape tight hugging slim body penny rubbing soft round ass. Parking my
bike I was seeing this girl but didn�t know was it the same girl so I
called her just standing nearly beside her she saw the mobile ringing
and she was seeing my face even I turned towards her and heard her
mobile ringing and with low voice I asked arrr arrre are you Swetha?

She gave a little smile oh god mind blowing juice wet lips and the shiny
middle line I could not stop staring at them. We shaken hands and we
started going inside and as our table was already booked by me we sat
opposite to each other and as you all guys know first all girls settle
and start setting their hair so she too was doing the same for that she
raised her both hands and adjusting her hair, Oh! Her boobs were in
opposite to me but helpless and I crushed my thighs and controlled my
bulge after few min of silence I told her to order she did it
hesitatingly she ordered corn soup and i took chicken hot and sour soup
we started sipping it and we were just chatting in general. Waiter came
with side dish and while serving he knocked off the glass of water on
her with Oh! Word she tried to move back and the side dish plate fell on
her chunny and stomach part of her dress.

She got up with angry face and walked towards was room and came back
after a while. I too said sorry and she was ok and started our supper
but her dress chunny chalo yaar how can I stop looking there and my best
and worst luck she noticed it and tried to adjust it I felt bad she
believed me and came how the hell I am doing this I kept my head low but
still I could not resists my bulge in the pants (I always wear casuals
so the bulge in the pant is clearly seen) I asked excuse and went out
for a smoke while coming back I went to wash room masturbated thinking
of her and was revealed a lot and happily I came back and sat.

She asked me unusually is everything ok? I said yes why not then later
after lunch we came out I asked her permission if I could smoke in front
of her she said do it but dnt force me to do it I laughed and thanked.
Then later i said i will drop her and we both started on bike she was
sitting one side only don’t expect more!
But my bike didn�t have the right side handle so she kept hand on my

I actually dint try stupid drive but while driving we were talking and
some how some lip stick topic came and in a word of affirming her about
her lips so cute with out lipstick I made my hand touch her lips
directly, She dint say a word and silence went on for few min and
finally her house came and she dint even say bye she just left inside. I
waited outside for about a min to see if she turns back so tht I would
say sorry but bad luck.

After about 3 days she gave me msg “Hi how are you where are you? No
call No messages? I immediately called her she said she wants to meet
but I said I am on office tour and will be back in a day. Finally after I
reached Hyd I called her whether I could meet she was busy later in the
eve she called up and said me to come home I was surprised and as you
all were thinking I too thought I could do some hanky panky but as soon
as I entered I was shocked to see guess what!

Areeee yaar its her birthday party all her friends were there. I said oh
then ah then fine its ok .we normally spoke for some time and after the
party I said iam leaving she said me to wait again bells rang in my
heart she said just she wanted me to introduce to some one special that
means her would be ah oh ok fine nice to meet you bla blah blah.

Next morning I woke up to take my mobile went our for a smoke saw the
sms call urgent it was Swathi and upon calling she said I need to talk
urgently come home I didn�t expect anything more I just went in and said
hi she came with a beer and said I hope you wont drink who the hell
wont drink she asked me if I would have whiskey of her dad but I
honestly said I only have beer. We both took two small beers and sat on
the roof top of her house and were talking. Swathi said tell me one
thing frankly why you went out in the resto hearing this I spilled out
beer out of my mouth and said no nothing just to pee.

She said dont just bluff tell truth. I still denied she asked how you
could touch my lips like that.

Now I thought its waste of time to play around and i again touched her
lips with my index finger and said really they are lovely and juice and
and went to was room seeing your boobs I am sorry if you feel this wrong
I said she was quite for a moment and smiled a little and said I know
you masturbated and she scolded me after masturbation I actually washed
and in a hurry I forgot to put my zip and the inner wear was wet which
was clearly visible while I sat the zip I adjusted later while we were
moving out but I thought it wont be visible as we were sitting.

She said me to walk down and while she was walking she turned around to
close the door or the entry for roof at that time her face was in front
of me I could feel and sense her hot breath and the bulge of her chest
while she is breathing I gave no chance and kissed her on lips she moved
back and ran down I followed her to the kitchen as there was no one at
her home we started playing. She opened refrigerator door for water I
grabbed from back and my hand was on her stomach trying to play with her
belly button and was kissing her neck and shoulder she was moving her
head up and down and she dint stop me. Later I moved and cupped her
lovely boobs making circles around them.

I turned her towards me and took her face in both my hands and kissed
her lower lip, then I took her upper lip and started sucking it mean
while she started responding and she sucked my lower lip it was heaven
and it went on till about 10 min I opened her hair we both moved. I
didn�t want to waste any time I laid her on floor and started kissing
from her belly button raised her T-Shirt a little and she could not
control it she hold my face and took it up she kissed me madly and she
was going mad in the romantic feel while I played my hand on her stomach
which was making her more aroused.

Now I could not resist and was madly waiting to see those pair of boobs
and dragged her top off and could see pink flower lined bra with some
transparent lining. I started cupping them and took out the right boob
out and played with my tongue on the circle around the nipple making it
wet I pulled her nipple up with my lips mean while I was cupping
smoothly the other one and now I turned her around and kissing her
stomach and trunk line i unhooked her bra and kissed all her back madly
by keeping both my hands on her boobs turning her back on my chest she
removed my shirt she undid her jeans too while I did mine now we were
only in our down one piece of cloth she on top of me started kissing my
hairy chest and tried to suck my chest and I could not resist as her
boobs were moving up and down on my stomach which made me mad now I went
on top of her started sucking the boobs a little hard she pressed my
head on her boob very hard which made me suck them more hard and press
and circle the other one harder she took her hand to my shaft and tried
to get it out which I didn�t allow she was in heaven and mourning were
on top of her with pleasure she threw me back and got on top of me held
my hand firmly

I allowed her for my pleasure she went down and started to move her hand
up and down and she was like going to eat it. She now went down and
making circles on my dick top I was now mourning with pleasure and tried
to stop but she dint she took off her panty which was badly wet and
took me on top of her. I went down slowly made the pussy clean with my
hand and and started to move her pussy pink lips apart and slowly
inserted my first finger and tapped it on top and bottom she hold my
hand very tight and she was eating my lip very badly (Kind Of kiss) now I
inserted little deep and was making her bad but I saw tears in her eyes
by which I stopped and asked her of she is ok she got up and hugged me
tightly and said its her first time and blood is out and its paining

I took her to bath room and cleaned her pussy and asked her if I could
continue or stop she got angry and said me fuck me or I will not let you
go. I obeyed her and now I inserted my two fingers and played which got
more blood out and after few min I washed her and took her to bed room
there I took few ice cubes and i started rubbing her pussy she could not
control it she demand me to fuck her but still I went down

I started to take her left pussy lip and kissed it madly them the right
and played there with my tongue now she started using mad words pls fuck
me then I took out my dick and slowly made and played around her pussy
lips by pressing her boobs real hard and slowly inserted inside (I had
to care her pain though she wanted it badly inside but it�s her first
time so took care of not hurting her bad) and made in and out tears
rolled in her eyes but still she wanted it badly. I turned her back and
played with my dick on her ass cheeks and tried to insert from back but
it was real pain for her she was crying out loud still she was needing

Finally I took her in my arms kissed her face with out leaving an inch
and I told not not this time as its gonna pain a lot because of the size
of my dick she tried to say no but I promised to fuck her again and
really hugged her tightly made her secure and made her sleep on my chest
and played with her hair to make her comfortable and all this mean my
dick stood high missing her pussy she played with hand and finally I
could not compromise and told her to lick it she did it for my happiness
and I unloaded the load in her mouth which made me real happy.

I asked her why she tried to make love with me as she is going to get
married she said no one guaranteed that her hubby is coming virgin and
she wanted to loose her virginity
to whom she understood well and made her happy not just for sex but for
true and loving romance.

She said sorry to me for not satisfying me I consoled her telling real
happiness is not in sex its in making love. When that is done it should
be from both ends she was very happy and after that we had sex in all
angles nearly about 3 to 4 times she also shared how her hubby fucked.

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